Three New Questions

Imagine that it’s your first time face to face with a new prospective client. At Selling with Creativity we are looking at a dozen things a salesperson might do or say at that meeting. Which ones would you do?

Assume two general objectives for a first meeting with a new prospective client, 
1) You want them to think of you as a creative person that they would like to know, and
2) You’d like them to think of you as useful.

Here are the next three. In the ensuing posts, each one will be discussed.

7) Suggest an idea that occurs to you during the meeting that will help your prospect, but that won’t ever get you any business with them.

8) Ask to use the bathroom.

9) If the prospect starts to talk about something that one of your products might be able to help them with, wait for a pause and tell them how your product can help.

So, in general, are these things you would or wouldn’t do on a new client sales call?

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