The Product Question

Question number three of the yes or no quiz is below with our response.  Is this something you would explain at a first sit-down meeting with a prospective client?

2) Explain the three most common problems your product solves.

Unless the three challenges they face are exactly the three problems my product will solve, I do not explain this.   People tend not to care about problems you can solve unless they have those problems. Telling them I can solve problems that they don’t have involves me talking into the void.  The void being any area about which I have no idea if they have an interest.  Never talk into the void, because there is nobody there.

I only talk about products, and the problems they solve, when I have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about is relevant to their situation. And, I’m careful to check with my prospective client when I’m doing my  verbal ‘product download’, because,  I can talk about my products all day.  Once I begin, it’s an effort to stop.  Make that effort.  Ask, “Is anything I’ve just said interesting to you?”  Because what you want to be talking about is what is interesting to them, not your product.

In the next post, I’ll share three more things a salesperson might say or do at a first meeting with a prospective client.

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